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One of the things Venice is best known for, after its gondolas and canals, is enchanting handmade masks. At La Moretta you can find any type of mask you might want: from feminine doll-inspired masks, to masculine bird masks like the one above. Stanley Kubrick even featured some of our mask in his 1999 hit “Eyes Wide Shut.”Located just a few meters away from the historical church of San Rocco, it is a popular destination year-round.

We stock over 2,000 individual items, including handmade porcelain dolls , murano glass, Venetian capes and costumes.

Although only a small fraction of our inventory is featured on our website, our knowledgeable staff looks forward to answering questions and helping you select a perfect piece of handmade Venetian craft.

Most of our merchandise is one of a kind or available in very limited quantities.