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Porcelain is the “white gold” that Marco Polo brought to the West from Catai. For many centuries European alchemists have been searching to understand its mysterious properties of whiteness and transparency.

Working the porcelain has never been a typical job for Girardi MARIANO, especially given the fact that his techniques subject him and his art works to temperatures near 1300 degrees C. In this”trial of fire” he is always obliged to account for his own work.

For many years, not being satisfied with the porcelain mixture available on the market, he has looked for something particular; MARIANO has searched the most pure raw materials and has studied the chemical composition suitable to his needs to create the best mixture for his dolls. After many unsuccessful trials, he has discovered the right formula.

Thanks to the manufacturing technique all the porcelain pieces made by MARIANO are unique objects. His dolls are all full body porcelain in addition to being fully jointed. From beautifully detailed girls in traditional formal dresses to wondrous trolls and gnomes Mariano’s dolls are each individual works of art.